Reality As Wave Motion

The current map in physics includes the concept that matter can be described in terms of particles, and also as waves. This is a fundamental paradox we are to contemplate.

Life is Wave

Biological life is also about waves and tides. The heart pulses and sends waves through the current-carrying blood vessels. Breath flows in as a wave, then turns to flow out again. Brains have waves. The light we are seeing right now is described as both particles and waves.

The Skills of Awareness

As with any human activity that is instinctive, there is also a world of skills involved. We are born with the ability to speak and to understand language, to crawl and walk, run and dance. Each of these abilities unfolds as we grow into our bodies. Meditation is an inborn human ability. Meditation skills are similar to sports and to loving.

Learning to Meditate

Learning how to meditate is a matter of developing a loving relationship with the larger field of life. I have been teaching meditation for more than 45 years and enjoy working with individuals to develop their personal practice, with groups, and I train meditation teachers. If you are interested, send me an email. My main site is Information on the Meditation Teacher Training –– MTT – is at

We all live in the ocean of infinity, on the surface of this blessed blue planet. Living and loving is daring. We are always fed by waves, tossed by waves, riding waves, listening to waves. Whenever we set forth, on any adventure –– starting a business, getting married, committing to love, raising a family, walking out the door to travel the world –– we will voluntarily encounter forces much larger than ourselves.

Consider this film about Clark Little, who gets right into the middle of the waves so that he can show us the action. I've spent much of my life inside waves, and things happen too fast to see with the eye. Also, you have to dive for the bottom, or catch the wave. Clark, and other photographers including Mark Tipple, reveal the beauty and terror of what we are encountering.


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